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Crystals For Protection Of Your Vehicle


We could all use an extra layer of energetic protection in the car, especially since some of us spend quite a bit of time driving. No one has been spared from having bouts of road rage in frustrating traffic jams.

Negative energy can come from a lot of places when you are on the move in your vehicle. These five powerful crystal energies are what you need to protect yourself and your car from heavy energies that might be around you when you are driving on the road.

This package includes 5 Crystals for the Protection of Your Vehicle, which may vary slightly in shape, size, color and design, since they are all natural and come from Mother Earth

  • Black Tourmaline protects and shields your car, and anyone in it, from unwanted energy.

  • Selenite cleanses and purifies the energy of your car to keep it vibrating at the highest level.

  • Clear Quartz acts as a shield of white light around your car.

  • Red Jasper is known to promote confidence in yourself, so you can feel more at ease when you hit the road and with dealing with the stress of driving and other drivers.

  • Golden Healer calms your emotions - Say goodbye to road rage!

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