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Distant Healing Performed Using A Photo


For those who do not trust Healings Via Photo, we can assure you that they are just as effective as a Healing In-Person. When someone wants to do witchcraft or any other negative harm to you, he doesn't go to your house and say: hey, please come because I want to take you to the witch doctor so they can do you harm”. That doesn't happen!


What that person will simply do is go to a witch doctor and bring any information about you to him, be it your full name, the date of your birth, a photograph or an article of clothing. The witch doctor does not need the person whom he is going to harm to be present. He or she does their work and you will quickly have different negative reactions, and you will feel bad physically and emotionally. If the witch doctor has enough spiritual strength, he can actually cause you an accident or even death.


Remember that spiritual work is done through energy and even if you don't see it, you will feel the negative or positive consequences of this work.


The Distant Healings that we offer are generally for your friends, relatives or loved ones who are not willing to ask for help for themselves and who you want to help.   


In this healing we invoke the Blessed Beings to intercede and help us to remove any obstacles, witchcraft, spells, curses, and all dark forces that are on the person whom cleansing is being requested. We also ask the Blessed Beings, to help this person to forgive all those who have hurt him, to leave the past behind, to forgive himself and open his heart to God.  


To perform this healing, we need you to send us by text message or email the following information: the full name of the person who will receive the healing, date of birth, a photograph, and what you are asking God for your friend or relative.


Before carrying out the remote healing of a person, you will be sent a message via text or email to let you know that the healing is beginning, and later we will contact you to give you some instructions for what to do after having received a spiritual and energetic healing.

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