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Energetic Cleansing And Blessing Of Crystals, Jewelry And Antiques


Crystals increase the intensity of energy around them. If the energy around them is positive they will strengthen that energy. If the energy around them is negative, the energy of the space they are in will feel heavier and denser.


Energetic cleansing of crystals eliminates the negative and heavy energy that they have absorbed from their birth until the present time.


Similarly, jewelry and antiques also absorb many heavy and dense energies. After some time, they can still look beautiful on the outside, but they can be energetically saturated with negativity. And people who carry them or are close to them can begin to present physical or emotional discomforts such as dizziness, headaches, moodiness, annoyance, or anger.


This energetic cleaning of jewelry and antiques (hand-watch, clocks, musical instruments, books, works of art, paintings, sculptures, porcelain tableware, furniture), will eliminate the negative traces of all previous owners and restore their natural freshness and lightness.


To perform this cleaning, we need a picture of all the crystals, jewelry and antiques that you want to cleanse and bless.


If you have extremely large crystals over 3’ tall, are a collector or a business that has larger quantities of these items, or if you want to come with your items in-person, please contact us directly for a quote.

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