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Energetic Cleansing And Blessing Of Vehicles


All large or small vehicles accumulate dense and heavy energies because their owners or the people who drive them release their own energies inside them. While we are driving any car, whether public or private, the emotions, both positive and negative, that we experience are recorded inside the vehicle.

The heaviest energy vehicles are public or commercial transport including buses, trucks, ubers, taxis and trailers. They absorb a lot of negative energy because they are used by many people all the time.

Energetic Cleansing And Blessing Of Vehicles eliminates all this negative and heavy energy and any curse and witchcraft they have placed in them in order to harm users or owners.

If your personal vehicles are part of your company, keeping them clean will attract more customers to your business since people will feel comfortable using them because they will perceive a clean and quiet space.

To perform this cleaning, we need a photo of all the vehicles you want cleansed and blessed.

If you have large vehicles like trailers, buses, trucks or you own a business that sells cars and you want us to clean them in person, contact us directly to give you a quote.

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