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Energy Transmission And Empowerment Of The Divine Feminine Strength Of Mother Earth "Ñustas"


In the Andean Cosmovision there are certain practices called transmissions and empowerments, which are given as a transmission of energy, knowledge, and strength to awaken and empower a seed of Light in the initiate. They are the Spiritual And Energetic Vitamins that give us physical and emotional strength when we feel exhausted and disempowered.

The Energy Transmission And Empowerment is a blessing that enhances the connection that a person experiences with a certain form of living energy of nature. These entities are constellations and power animals that the Andean cultures have venerated and honored since ancient times because they provide the protection of Mother Earth for its inhabitants.

In the Andean Tradition the "Ñustas" are the oldest living forces and female archetypes. They are the magicians, healers, midwives and “Princesses Of Nature” who make up the Eternal Feminine. They are the radiant and victorious spirits of the free and wild women "Salkas" who live in the mountains, caves and lagoons. And they are the counterpart of, and are in continuous romance with, the Sacred Masculine represented by the Sacred Mountains the "Apus".


In universal mythology they would be equivalent to goddesses or deities that personify Mother Earth "Pachamama”. They are the supreme sorceresses that heal, trap or liberate. They are fairies, mermaids and nymphs.

Due to their ability to be invoked in healing, empowerment and transmission of knowledge, the "Ñustas" have been represented in other traditions and religions such as the Virgins for Catholics, the "Shaktis" for Hindus, and the "Dakinis" in Tibetan Buddhism.

The "Ñustas" represent the high states of feminine consciousness in Mother Earth "Pachamama”. They are fertile weavers of ecosystems, they are the animal powers, they are the secret teachings and the healing stars.

For the Energy Transmission And Empowerment Of The Divine Feminine Strength Of Mother Earth "Ñustas" we will perform the ancestral rite "Ñusta Kalpachiy”. It is a ceremony of connection with the Sacred Feminine, and the initiation into the "Seven Ñustas", the seven ancestral forces of the Divine Feminine associated with the seven colors of the Rainbow.

Each one of the "Seven Ñustas" is integrated into a rainbow color "Mama Kuichi" - an ancestral personality, a power, a gift, an instinct, a door to open the three worlds: "Hanan Pacha" world above, "Kay Pacha" world of the here and now, "Ucju Pacha" world below and within.

This transmission will awaken the seed of the Divine Feminine in us. It will raise and integrate the energy of our seven energy centers "Ñahuis" with the feminine vital strength. It will help you develop and expand the feminine energies that every human being possesses and will open up the opportunity for you to be more connected to the presence of Las “Ñustas” in the lakes, lagoons, rivers and springs, the feminine mountains and the ancient altars of Mother Earth.


These Energy Transmissions And Empowerments are open to EVERYONE, it is not necessary to be a healer, shaman, therapist, or psychologist. Anyone who wishes to explore the great Initiations of the Andean World will feel blessed to have the opportunity to reconnect with the healing energy of the Universe.

We recommend that you also take the Spiritual Initiation to strengthen your Spiritual Path. 

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