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Energy Transmission And Empowerment Of The Strength Of The Seven Pleiades Stars "Mama Ccoto"


In the Andean Cosmovision there are certain practices called transmissions and empowerments, which are given as a transmission of energy, knowledge, and strength to awaken and empower a seed of Light in the initiate. They are the Spiritual And Energetic Vitamins that give us physical and emotional strength when we feel exhausted and disempowered.

The Energy Transmission And Empowerment is a blessing that enhances the connection that a person experiences with a certain form of living energy of nature. These entities are constellations and power animals that the Andean cultures have venerated and honored since ancient times because they provide the protection of Mother Earth for its inhabitants.

The Pleiades "Mama Ccoto" is the most important stellar constellation in sacred Inca astronomy. It is the name by which the Andean peoples know the Seven Pleiades Stars, who were considered "The Great Mother" of all the stars, from whom life arose and to which, finally, all living forms will return.

Since ancient times the Andean priests "Altomisayocs" have communicated with these cosmic forces, have honored them and have learned and governed their lives in all spheres, social, agricultural, and spiritual, following their courses and orbits.

The Pleiades are the divine feminine in the sky, along with Mother Moon "Mama Quilla" and Mother Venus "Palla Chaska". It is said that this set of sister stars were considered the great granary of the universe and also the mysterious galactic wizards, because they predicted the coming weather.

The transmission of the force of the Pleiades "Mama Ccoto" will bring to us ancestral knowledge that radiates a very refined state of cosmic consciousness. It will open the door to receive direct energy from them, and for us to feel peaceful and safe so we are able to work in our deepest fears and wounds.


Thanks to this transfer of energies from the Pleiades we will reconnect with our ancient abilities and intelligence, awaken our intuition, and feel the bright Light in our souls that has been there for millennia.


These Energy Transmissions And Empowerments are open to EVERYONE, it is not necessary to be a healer, shaman, therapist, or psychologist. Anyone who wishes to explore the great Initiations of the Andean World will feel blessed to have the opportunity to reconnect with the healing energy of the Universe.

We recommend that you also take the Spiritual Initiation to strengthen your Spiritual Path. 

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