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Energy Transmission And Empowerment With The Strength Of The Sacred Snail “Ch’uru”


In the Andean Cosmovision there are certain practices called transmissions and empowerments, which are given as a transmission of energy, knowledge, and strength to awaken and empower a seed of Light in the initiate. They are the Spiritual And Energetic Vitamins that give us physical and emotional strength when we feel exhausted and disempowered.

The Energy Transmission And Empowerment is a blessing that enhances the connection that a person experiences with a certain form of living energy of nature. These entities are constellations and power animals that the Andean cultures have venerated and honored since ancient times because they provide the protection of Mother Earth for its inhabitants.

"Ch'uru" the Snail was honored as a sacred animal with healing properties along the entire coast of the current territories of Peru, Ecuador, South of Colombia and North of Chile. In the Ancient Q'ero Medicine, the wise Grandmothers and Elders "Amautas" knew the medicinal secrets of snail slime, as it was produced to heal their tissues and repair their shell when it broke.


The slime that the Snail emits has been widely used for therapeutic purposes. The latest research has highlighted the benefits of this substance to improve and accelerate healing, as it adapts perfectly to deep wounds, is more flexible and prevents the segregation of body fluids.

The mucus secreted by these animals contains metal ions such as zinc, calcium, iron and copper, which help to generate a sticky and highly adhesive substance. It is said that the medical application of this substance will end the limitations of the materials currently used in the suture of internal surgical incisions. Wound suture threads and staples will soon be obsolete.

During this transmission of energy and empowerment we will invoke the Sacred Snail "Ch'uru" and its healing force to heal and close the deepest emotional wounds that have hurt us for a long time and that have not allowed us to live our life to the fullest.

The energy of the Snail "Ch'uru" will also help us to be more patient with ourselves and with all the people around us. It will help us to know how to take things as they come and once we set a goal to achieve, there is no way to divert them from our path.

If you are suffering from physical problems with your skin or if you are in the recovery process after a surgical intervention the energy of the Sacred Snail will transmit to us spiritually, through the healing power of its slime:

  • Acceleration of the closing of a physical wound.

  • It is considered effective in tissue repair, and is also used to remove stains and burns.

  • Antioxidants from snail slime to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Reduces unsightly marks from stretch marks and scars and provides a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

  • Facilitation of the repair of tissues when the skin is irritated by exposure to chemical products and helps fight acne thanks to its antibiotic effect, eliminating bacteria from the skin.

  • Exfoliation of dead skin cells to restore luminosity and eliminate "pimples", blackheads and blemishes.

  • Reduction of age spots or those caused by sun exposure.

  • Reduction of the appearance of cellulite. Collagen and elastin provide smoother skin and prevent unsightly sagging.


These Energy Transmissions And Empowerments are open to EVERYONE, it is not necessary to be a healer, shaman, therapist, or psychologist. Anyone who wishes to explore the great Initiations of the Andean World will feel blessed to have the opportunity to reconnect with the healing energy of the Universe.

We recommend that you also take the Spiritual Initiation to strengthen your Spiritual Path. 

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