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After 257 five star reviews, we received our first negative review of our services. While we don't want to have to address this, we do feel the need to respond to the fraudulent actions of one client. 

Betty requested a spiritual healing and house cleansing on October 28th, 2022. She expressed her appreciation and gratitude for how much better she felt, and at that time she left a five star review. 


On January 26th, 2023 she then filed a claim with her bank to try and get a refund when she was in a financial bind of her own making. Her claim was that she never bought the services and the transaction was not authorized.


The bank looked at the evidence of her making the transaction from her computer, reviewed the messages of love and gratitude she sent after the healing, and the five star review she left after the work was done, and her telling us how much better she felt, and correctly decided that her claim was untrue. They denied her dispute.


Now, almost year later, she changed her five star review to a one star review on Google. A sad lack of integrity, but sometimes people choose to act in this way.

To judge for yourself, here is the screenshot of the initial review, and the bank's response to her dispute:

betty dispute resolution_edited.jpg
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