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Internal Massage Of Your Tendons, Ligaments And Muscles: Healing Tok Sen


Healing Tok Sen is a traditional treatment from northern Thailand that is about 5,000 years old. In Thai the name Tok Sen means “dissolving of the energy lines”. It is an internal massage of the tendons, ligaments and muscles that moves energy through your body while releasing and opening up your energetic pathways.


We use various hand techniques to open up and release blockages in your abdomen, arteries, muscles, tendons, vertebrae, shoulder blades, coccyx, arms, legs, fee, joints, hands, neck and meridian lines.

We use different wooden tools to create vibrations that clear blocked energy, and assist you with stretching and body alignment. This healing also helps you release tendon problems, nerve compression, joint pain, knee pain and muscle pain, and it also gives healing around the abdomen and ribcage to help you dissolve and balance blocked emotions.


  • Increases blood circulation, which heals your tendons and releases blockages faster

  • Relaxes muscles - tight muscles squeeze capillaries which decrease blood circulation and cause soreness

  • Increases peripheral nerves which run parallel to capillaries

  • Releases pain and numbness


Helps with issues like

  • Headaches from nerve problems

  • Migraine

  • Brain degeneration

  • Blurred vision

  • Hardness of hearing

  • Shoulder pain

  • Neck sprains

  • Shoulder tendon tightness where you cannot move your arm

  • Tendon compression

  • Tightness in back muscles

  • Scapular problems

  • Back pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Spinal cord inflammation

  • Lumbar pain and nerve compression

  • Thigh pain

  • Hamstring muscle tightness

  • Stiff elbows

  • Popliteus pain and patella dislocation

  • Calf pain, swelling

  • Foot pain and numbness

  • Arm pain, elbow pain, arm numbness and hand numbness

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