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Join The Event: Spiritual Healing To Intercede For Your Family

Please note: We have paused events until after summer.

Thank you for registering for this Online Spiritual Healing. A few minutes before 8pm ET / 5pm PT on Wednesday September 13th, press the play button on the video below. When the broadcast begins, close your eyes and open your heart to receive all that God has to give you in this healing session


  1. CLICK anywhere on the image above to join the live feed. If you don’t see or hear us within a minute or two of the event start time, refresh this page and press play again.

  2. The live broadcast will begin a few minutes before the start time. Please join a little early. Lili is unable to hold back the Spiritual World to wait until you arrive, so if you are late, your healing will already have begun.

  3. When you join, close your eyes, sit quietly, and open yourself to God to receive whatever is of His Will for you.

  4. During this online group healing the Spirit Guides may also cleanse the energy in your home or help family members close to you, depending on what is of God’s Will at this time.

  5. We know you are there, but we cannot see or hear you during the event. Make sure your laptop or phone volume is up. If you have issues, try refreshing the page and pressing play again. If the technology isn’t working for you, just sit quietly for 25 minutes after the start time of the event and know that your healing is being done for you even if there’s a technology issue. The Spiritual World knows you are trying to join and is doing your healing whether the live feed is working or not.

If you are experiencing a problem or feel bad after the healing text us +1 914 305-7419 or click here to use WhatsApp

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