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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Shaman Of Purification


The Shaman is the intermediary between men and supernatural powers, and benevolent or harmful otherworldly forces. He is the one who guides his people spiritually and protects them against evil spirits.


The Shamans are messengers of becoming. They bring us messages of universal truth from the ancient wisdom, and profound and intuitive insights of the psyche that we can use in our personal and inner reality. Since ancient times the Shamans have been the walkers between worlds who journeyed  into the realm of Spirit. They know the ways we must travel, both on our own life’s journey and on the paths we follow when seeking answers. 

Without the cooperation of the Spirits there can be no shamanic practice. The Spirits are transformative forces in daily life. They guide, strengthen, assist and cooperate with every shamanic practitioner to empower the work they undertake. They may take any form: human, animal, mythical or abstract. No two people see them in exactly the same way, but all agree that their presence lights up the inner worlds.

In Shamanic Tradition Ancestors are far more than family. They are holders of the primal wisdom. In essence they are primal beings who represent the whole tribe, and beyond that the race and cultural heritage of a people. The Ancestors hold the memory of every experience and insight that we, as human beings, have had. To encounter an Ancestor is to connect with the source of all knowledge and wisdom. 

In many images of prehistoric cave art we find the Spirits and Ancestors represent. Figures who are sometimes strange to our eyes, but always powerful and often deeply moving. They connect with an essential spirituality with us, and with the grace and freedom that humans have always aspired to. Working with the Shamanic And Ancestral Healings bring us the companionship of these wise souls, whose courage guided our ancestors and do the same for us today.


Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Shaman Of Purification

Many of us today find it difficult to understand the importance of purification, yet for our ancestors it was an essential part of life. Purification means getting rid of stale ways of thinking that can hold us back. Entering any new phase of development in our inner or outer lives requires us to re-assess what has gone before and, where necessary, purge ourselves of attitudes that are no longer appropriate. The Shaman Of Purification is with us whenever we embark on something new, helping us to prepare for what lies ahead by cleansing the soul and imbuing us with fresh purpose. 

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