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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Spirit Of Challenge

Challenges confront us constantly as we try to adapt to life’s changing circumstances, fend off life’s pressures and work toward our goals. They may be physical or emotional, and they may be frightening or puzzling. Many of the challenges we face are intrinsic to our chosen destiny, but others come at us from nowhere. The Spirit Of Challenge is demanding, and forces us to address head on the obstacles that lie in our way. It allows us no room for procrastination or avoidance, and in return offers us the satisfaction of success. He demands the highest degree of perseverance and determination we can muster. With him at our side we can tackle challenges that might otherwise deter us, and we can face the hardest tests and emerge victorious.

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Shaman Of Purification

Many of us today find it difficult to understand the importance of purification, yet for our ancestors it was an essential part of life. Purification means getting rid of stale ways of thinking that can hold us back. Entering any new phase of development in our inner or outer lives requires us to re-assess what has gone before and, where necessary, purge ourselves of attitudes that are no longer appropriate. The Shaman Of Purification is with us whenever we embark on something new, helping us to prepare for what lies ahead by cleansing the soul and imbuing us with fresh purpose. 

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Ancestor Of Guidance

The Ancestor Of Guidance guides our steps as we embark on our life-path and counsels us as we make important decisions about the direction we will take. He knows well the deepest places in our heart and soul and stands ready to assist us in discovering the path we need to follow. In an ancestral context this guidance is far more profound than merely showing a physical path. It is the guidance of our footsteps on an inner journey of the spirit, orienting us in the right direction and ensuring that we take no wrong turns or decisions. The Ancestor Of Guidance oversees the steps we choose on our path thought life, and counsels us from the all-encompassing wisdom of the Spiritworld. 

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Spirit Of Destruction 

When negative emotions plague us, they can ruin our contentment, damage our relationships and undermine our sense of the true self. Fear, guilt, resentment, anger, jealousy - all these can eat away at us spiritually, block our positive energy and lock us into negative patterns of thought. The Spirit Of Destruction has the power to annihilate such negativity. If any emotional obstacles block your path through life, he can destroy them. It forces us to address disturbing truths about ourselves and acknowledge that no emotion can operate without our consent. This healing puts an end to inner turmoil and brings the soothing sense of calm after a terrible storm.

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Shaman Of Courage

Courage is one of the fundamental resources of life. Without it we come to a standstill physically and mentally. Often it takes great fortitude for us to travel toward our goal for inevitably we encounter hardships on the way. Yet we can summon up from deep inside ourselves the courage we need, however much we may doubt it. While this is most true of those who find themselves in the extremes of stress, conflict or danger, it is also true of those who face a purely inward challenge. The Shaman Of Courage knows where we can find the inner resources we never knew we had. He supports us in times of need, when the challenges become overwhelming, and when the strength is required to make even an inch of progress along our way. 

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Ancestor Of Protection

The role of the Ancestor Of Protection is to stand beside us and to act in our defense. He brings strength and energy to those who call upon him, and guides them to find a safe harbour for their journey. He stands as a primal ancestor and companion on the hardest paths we travel. As we embark on any new enterprise, he will stay beside us and protect us from the assaults of enemies or detractors. The Ancestor Of Protection also brings us guardianship, fearlessness, the ability to help others, the feeling of being protected, and strength. 

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Spirit Of Abundance 

Abundance means wealth in all its forms. For our ancestors it meant access to food, shelter and warmth. However, today abundance is the ability to provide for those in our care: the family, the tribe or the nation. Being abundant is more than just a checking account. An abundant person is rich in all areas of life. He is abundant in health, in relationships, in love, and in material wealth. It is a state of being in which your life is abundant and you do not lack anything. There are also other types of abundance: that of creativity and emotional stability, the abundance of a deep sense of spirit and love for all, and the abundance that also means taking only enough for our needs, instead of consuming in excess.

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Shaman Of Stars

The stars in the sky have guided us since the earliest times, and heavenly magic is as effective today as it was thousands of years ago. It is the Shaman who extends his hands to capture the energy of the stars and attract these blessings to Earth, positively transforming those who receive them. The Shaman Of The Stars, wherever he appears can give you access to the deepest levels of wisdom and understanding. He is the one who brings the Heavens to Earth and shares with us the stellar elixir of energy that can transform and revitalize us when we have traveled the path for a long time and have exhausted ourselves. The Shaman Of The Stars brings us a Blessing, and the restoration of strength when it is most needed.

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Shamanic And Ancestral Healing Invoking The Ancestor Of Boundaries

The Great Bull, or Aurochs, is one of the most powerful representations of pure energy that can be found in cave art. To be in his presence is to virtually hear his great roaring voice and feel his warm breath on your face. The Ancestor Of Boundaries represents the need to recognize and understand limitation. Boundaries can protect as much as they can restrict. And this spiritual guidance helps us to recognize the essential truth of any limits we encounter and to understand whether our need is to stay within its protective cord or to find the strength to break free. The Ancestor Of Boundaries helps us recognize the places we should not venture to, as well as those places we can turn to and must protect. He can give us the energy we need to break free from restrictions and run with him in the winds of change.

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