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Spiritual And Energetic Cleansing Of The Blood From Overmedication

For all those who have had to ingest large amounts of medication during a period of illness and for those who wish to reduce or stop taking drugs or drugs with a high degree of toxicity, we offer a series of healings that purify the bloodstream and cellular system of toxic material produced by overmedication.

In particular, people who receive treatment for chronic pain and people who have received chemotherapy are at greater risk of being exposed to very high levels of toxicity and consequently suffer from a series of side effects that affect their body and emotional, physical, energetic and psychological states.

These healings are also for those who have used recreational drugs and are in rehab. It is very important to clean the blood of these addictive chemicals in order to reduce their chances of relapse.

This spiritual and energetic healing purifies the blood, organs and cells, restores communication between all cells, hormones and the brain, so that they return to their healthy function. It also activates the defense system and the Timus gland, which is the most important organ of the immune system that generates more white blood cells and strengthens your body. 

It takes time to detoxify the body of these medications. We suggest taking a healing every week for a period that will be determined depending on how long you were using the drug and how strong the dosage was.

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