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Spiritual Healing And Emotional Cleansing Of Childhood Traumas

Growing emotionally is the only natural way to solve our physical and mental imbalances, however it is one of the most difficult achievements in this world, because we rarely find support, much less understanding, in the people around us.

Unless we return to our infantile emotional self and bring forgiveness and peace to the child within us and who had to die in order to become acceptable as an adult, we cannot heal the wounds of unpleasant and traumatic experiences we lived in the first years of our childhood.

And as long as this does not happen, we will not be able to restore peace and harmony in our hearts, because emotionally we will repeat every seven years the same negative patterns that were recorded unconsciously in our emotional body during the first seven years of our existence.

This healing and emotional cleansing will help us remove traumas that were imprinted on our physical and energetic body during our first seven years of life, even when we were in the womb; as well as our repressed emotions-emotions that we normally do not want to recognize and that are the unconscious causes of behaviors and experiences that do us no good.

Accessing these repressed emotions and freeing ourselves from their negative charge, we will automatically regain balance and emotional well-being in the quality of all our vital experiences.

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