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Spiritual Healing For Your Grounding With Mother Earth “Pachamama”


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday November 15th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

"Pachamama" is our Mother and is also the Mother of the World. She is the one who nurtures, protects and sustains human beings. She opens her hands and her soul to us to embrace us. She stops to look at us and listens to us.


She is the Goddess of Femininity and Fertility, of Life and Abundance, revered by all the indigenous peoples of the world. She is the one who keeps the teachings of each people, all ancestral knowledge and she is the one who transmits wisdom and love. She is the pregnant woman of Life.

The wise Grandmothers and Elders "Amautas" say that when we are born Mother Earth “Pachamama” gives each of us 450 grams of Earth and as our life goes by that Earth is spent. When those 450 grams of Earth are used up we die, and that earth that was given to us at birth returns to its source.

When we suffer some emotional trauma, physical accident, chronic illness, intense pain and suffering, we lose a little of that earth, that is to say, return to our mother Earth early.

This Spiritual Healing For Your Grounding With Mother Earth “Pachamama” will help you increase the quantity and quality of Earth that you are carrying. It will remove the heavy energies and negative emotions that are blocking your path and causing bad fortune.

The primordial force of Mother Earth “Pachamamita” will help you to unlock the nerves of the coccix and sacrum, since these nerves connect you with the 12 bridges of energy of the earth and keep you rooted to it. This restores the flow of your energy that goes up your spine to the head and connects with the celestial force. Then the Golden Light of Mother Earth ”Pachamama” will wrap around you to give you health, well-being and longevity.

Finally we will also thank Mother Earth "Pachamamita" for all her gifts, for the milk that she offers humanity through her fruits, and for the abundance that the earth breeds and gives to every seed.

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