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Spiritual Healing To Call Wisdom


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday July 12th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

Wisdom is much more than knowledge: it is a deep understanding of our purpose in the world and an intuitive understanding of how to exercise good judgment based on the experience we have gained in the course of our lives. With the help of the Spirit Of Wisdom, we will be able to access the deepest wells of understanding within our souls and learn to make the best possible use of what we know.

The Spirit Of Wisdom enables us to navigate the path ahead with realistic expectations, knowing what can and cannot happen, for better or worse, and recognizing our destiny when we find it.

During this healing The Spirit Of Wisdom will put us in touch with the deepest levels of knowledge and transmute them into the gold of true understanding. With Wisdom we can only become brighter, and our path will become clearer with each breath, as we walk the many tangled paths of life.

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