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Spiritual Healing To Cultivate Joy


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday February 15th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

Joy is a feeling of pleasure usually produced by a favorable event that usually manifests itself with a good mood, satisfaction and the tendency to laugh or smile. It is one of the oldest states with which the human being finds himself.

Joy shows us a source of pure and unbridled life that springs up and transforms everything it touches. Joy enters us in moments of heightened awareness, of delight and passion, of truthfulness and hope. It takes us far above any other feeling or experience and establishes within us a core of energy that is always there to be tapped into.

There can be no stillness in life. We must always move forward in the search for joy, so let us walk this path embracing joy and letting it carry us on an endless wave of ecstasy. Let us learn the joy of living and let it radiate in us, extending it to all those around us.

In this healing the Spirit of Joy will dance with us to celebrate together the very joy of being alive, for the wisdom and fulfillment that are all around us. He will help us discover the direction and paths we must take.

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