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Spiritual Healing To Embrace Hope


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday June 14th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

Since ancient times, horses have not only been beautiful and majestic creatures, they have also been a symbol of great driving force and vital energy. There is no animal that possesses as much strength and endurance as the horse. It represents Hope, the essential motor that drives us forward, as the horse itself has done throughout the centuries, in times of darkness and despair.

When we feel furthest from Hope, when we need it most, it is then that She appears and offers us a Light in the darkest places. Her flame transcends both fear and longing, offering instead a deep understanding of our inner destiny that will lift us up and carry us when we need it most.

In this healing the Spirit of Hope will bring Light to our darkest places and offer us strength and support in times of greatest need. Walking by his side we will be able to drink from the deep well of enduring hope, which overflows with the wisdom of understanding and acceptance, and offers the cure for all pain.

Hope reminds us to look ahead to see the triumph we seek. Let's not look back, because there lies only the lost moments of our life.

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