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Spiritual Healing To Empower Yourself


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday March 15th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

Empowering means developing a person’s confidence and self-confidence in their abilities, in their potential and in the importance of their actions and decisions to positively affect their lives.

Empowerment is the reception and appropriation of power, and with it comes a strengthened belief in our own capabilities. This power, once transferred, will fuel and drive our actions, from the simplest household chore to the highest level of personal effort.

To be powerless is to feel weakened, drained, and this is a reflection of the meaningless life we so often lead. The goal of empowerment is to ignite the vital energy within us, charging our minds with the tenacity and determination to succeed in everything we do, and making us believe that any achievement is within our grasp.


In this healing we will invoke the Spirit of Empowerment to hold us in the palm of his hand and fill us with determination and drive to help us successfully accomplish any task we undertake and overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. He will bring us the energizing emotion of a deeply rooted self, which will transform and strengthen us in all aspects of life.

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