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Spiritual Healing To Intercede For Your Family


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday September 13th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

The origin of the family is as old as that of humanity, for our ancestors the concept of family was essential, whose first loyalties were for the survival of the group unit. The tribe itself was held together by an intricate web of ties, including those to dead ancestors.


However, the idea of kinship went beyond the human: the animals and spirits with which our ancestors shared their world were significant in terms of equality and were seen as part of the tribe. The Spirit of the family dwelled in the entire human and animal community that the Shaman led, this reminds us of the vital role that kinship played between them.


During this healing, The Spirit Of The Family will help us to hold the heart of our family group in His Hands, protecting it and sheltering it from any harm and helping it to unite the elements that compose it. It will call on our spirit relatives, both ancestors and guardians, to offer us support in times of trouble and resolution in times of conflict.


The Spirit Of The Family will intercede for each one of us and each member of our family, you can also give him any specific request you have, it will be heard, or you can simply open yourself to whatever God's Will is for you to receive.

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