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Spiritual Healing To Open Paths


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday January 11th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

However and wherever we live, we need paths to follow: this is as true today as it was for our ancestors. We look for paths that show us the best way to achieve our goals or find the right course of action in the midst of a maze of turns and decisions.


The Spirit of the Paths gives us a clear vision in all directions. With him by our side, we too can enjoy that clarity of vision, and with it carefully choose which way to go. The presence of the Spirit of Paths in our lives is a positive indicator that our instincts will guide us towards fruitful paths to follow.


In this healing The Spirit of Paths will help us find the way to reach our goals, walking wisely through the complexities of life. It will lead us along the best path it can find, avoiding dangers and detours, looking for the fastest route, or the longest, the one that benefits us the most. It will help us in times of uncertainty, and when we feel lost or abandoned. Whatever the circumstances of our journey, with the Spirit of the Paths at our side we will find the best path to follow.

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