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Spiritual Healing To Overcome Frustration


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday August 16th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

Sometimes the Universe itself seems intent on us falling, and in trying to break through the wall of our frustration we waste mountains of energy that drain us for longer than we realize. What we need to see is that frustration is not something new.

Frustration can get in our way, but it also encourages us to look beyond the obvious and find a new path that leads to greater joys and richer rewards than the original path we seek to take. The moment we can visualize that new path is the moment we can start moving forward again.


In this healing, the Blessed Beings will show us that frustration can put obstacles in our way, but it can also show us that there are other ways to go. What will we do when the frustration appears? We will either push against her to try to break her grip, or walk with her until the strength of her grip begins to gradually decrease.

So while Frustration may seem like a negative force on our journey, the Blessed Ones will teach us to look for better ways forward and how to strengthen our resolve.

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