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Spiritual Healing To Release Fear


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday May 17th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

Fear is an negative emotion that is caused by the perception of real or supposed danger, present, future or even past. It stems from our natural aversion to risk or threat, and is manifested in all animals, including humans. The ultimate expression of Fear is terror.


Our ancestors experienced Fear on a daily basis as they struggled to survive in an unpredictable world. We too experience it throughout our lives. Fear still comes to us in many forms and strikes at the most inopportune moments. It can quickly seize us in its clutches, often paralyzing us and preventing us from moving in any direction, or causing us to withdraw from society, friendships, and even life.


However, Fear can also teach us the value of what it is to be afraid. It tells us when not to move toward danger, when to avoid actions that bring danger in your path, how to consider the challenges you may be facing, when to take risks, and when to back down. Fear teaches us more about who we are and in a way protects us from the kinds of risks that can take us to places of greater terror.


During this healing, the Blessed Beings will intercede and help each of us to free ourselves from our Fears: things, people, the unknown, taking risks, breaking barriers, failing and all those fears that we have hidden from ourselves. themselves. You can give them any specific request you have, it will be heard, or you can simply open yourself to whatever God's Will is for you to receive.

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