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Spiritual And Energetic Healing Via Video Call


Many people who turn to us want Spiritual And Energetic Healing because they have frequently exhibited in their daily lives some or all of the behaviors, which I will describe. Most have turned to doctors and have sought different natural healing alternatives without any success or lasting relief.

  • They have experienced deep sadness 

  • Have become violent and aggressive with those who are close to them

  • They do not like to live with other people, they want to be alone and in an asylum

  • They do not like themselves, 

  • Their mood suddenly changes from being cheerful and spontaneous to being depressed and moody

  • They tend to be more compulsive about eating, smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs or medication

  • They suffer nightmares or prolonged insomnia

  • They look and feel the presence of dark shadows around them

  • They have acute back pain, neck pain, headache, migraines, dizziness, poor coordination, a feeling of imbalance when walking, physical exhaustion that leaves them exhausted and unwilling to perform any activity.

  • They become very irritable and even have suicidal thoughts


If you have noticed more than three of these behaviors recurrently in yourself, you need Spiritual And Energetic Healing. Since your energy field and your immune system are weak and you are more prone to catch all kinds of negativity such as witchcraft, spells, curses, black magic, to name a few and above all, you are more vulnerable to all kinds of negative spirits that may adhere to you.

Until you receive a complete Spiritual And Energetic Healing that removes these spirits attached to you, eliminates all negative energies and witchcraft, you will continue to live with many difficulties, you will not have the disposition to improve and you will not be able to regain your vital force. 

For those who do not trust Healings Via Video Call, we can assure you that they are just as effective as a Healing In-Person. When someone wants to do witchcraft or any other negative harm to you, he doesn't go to your house and say: hey, please come because I want to take you to the witch doctor so they can do you harm”. That doesn't happen!

What that person will simply do is go to a witch doctor and bring any information about you to him, be it your full name, the date of your birth, a photograph or an article of clothing. The witch doctor does not need the person whom he is going to harm to be present. He or she does their work and you will quickly have different negative reactions, and you will feel bad physically and emotionally. If the witch doctor has enough spiritual strength, he can actually cause you an accident or even death.


Remember that spiritual work is done through energy and even if you don't see it, you will feel the negative or positive consequences of this work.

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