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Spiritual Healing With The Sacred Elements: Fire "Nina", Earth "Allpa", Water, "Yacu", Wind "Waira"


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday October 18th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

The “Q'eros” are known as the guardians of the Wisdom of the Andes. It is a Quechua community in the province of Paucartambo, in Cusco, Peru. They are one of the most isolated Andean communities. It is said that they are the last "Ayllu Inca" the last indigenous Incas. The people of Q’eros live a hard-working life on a par with nature. They make offerings to Mother Earth "Pachamama", to the Spirits of the Mountains "Apus" and the Lagoons "Ñustas", in exchange for their welfare and that of their animals and crops.


For the Q'eros, everything has a Life “Kausay” and everything has a “Sami” Spirit, from the largest to the smallest, from the densest to the most ethereal, it has that subtle and sacred vibration called life. And life is movement, which is why it is considered to be so from an atom to the constellations. It is a living being-it is constant movement. Everything has matter, energy and consciousness, that is why the wise Grandmothers and Elders "Amautas" saw the sacred in everything and taught to love and respect life.


Volcanoes are sacred, the sun is sacred, the moon is sacred, the stars are sacred, the mountains are sacred, the jungle is sacred, the river is sacred, the waterfall is sacred, the serpent is sacred, the puma is sacred, stones are sacred, and human life is sacred. And in everything sacred the Spirits of the Elements are present: the Fire "Nina", the Earth "Allpa", the Water "Yacu", the Air "Waira". That is why what is magical, what is valuable, and what is sublime in Andean thought is respect and veneration for life and the “Great Spirit”.


During this healing we will invoke the help of The Spirits Of The Sacred Elements: Fire "Nina", Earth "Allpa", Water, "Yacu", Wind "Waira", to activate, feel and meet our own Spirituality and inner Light, and to keep us in communion with all creation and constantly drink from the great harmonic force of universal consciousness.


And we will also thank Mother Earth "Pachamamita" for all her gifts, for the milk that she offers humanity through her fruits, and for the abundance that the earth breeds and gives to every seed. And for all her gifts of water, fire and wind that help us in our transformation to obtain the presence of the Creator Spirit in our consciences.

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