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The Great Initiation "Hatun Karpay"


The Great Initiation "Hatun Karpay" is the most intense and advanced transmission and empowerment of deep ancestral power. It connects the energy of a Mountain and Sacred Lagoon "Apu" and "Ñusta" with the seven eyes or energy centers and the personal power of the initiate.

To carry out the "Hatun Karpay" it is required to have previously received at least one of the "Karpay" Primordial Initiations. Following the Sacred Path of the Inca Healer "Paqo Pampamesayoq" and the Teachings of Ancestral Q'ero Medicine, there are three Initiations: "Munay Karpay", "Yachay Karpay" and "Llankay Karpay".

The "Karpays" are empowering practices in which through a transmission of energy by a shaman master or an Andean priest, the connection that a person experiences with a certain form of living energy of nature is enhanced, thus being able to handle it as part of oneself, and to put it to one's own benefit and that of others, thereby nourishing and cultivating the life force of the universe.

The Great Initiation "Hatun Karpay" will help you enhance and renew your energy, it will open up the ability to connect, feel, vibrate and speak with the highest spirits of the mountains, the earth, the caves, the lagoons, the animals and the stars.

The integration of your three centers will be strengthened: the "Munay" which is the power of love that is connected to the heart, the "Yachay" the power of knowledge that is connected to the head, and the "Llankay" the power of work that is connected to the belly. And the opening of the seven eyes or energy centers "Ñahuis" will be intensified so you can see beyond reason.

After receiving any or all of the three Primordial Initiations: "Munay Karpay", "Yachay Karpay" and "Llankay Karpay", it is recommended that you take a "Hatun Karpay" every year in order to stay energetically strong and spiritually renewed.

We recommend that you also take the Transmissions And Empowerments to strengthen your Spiritual Path.

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