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Ceremony And Offering To Give Thanks To Mother Moon And Honor The Sacred Feminine "Mama Quilla"


This Ceremony can be performed for Women and Men

The "Q'eros" are known as the guardians of the Wisdom of the Andes. They are a Quechua community in the province of Paucartambo, in Cusco, Peru. It is said that they are the last indigenous Incas "Ayllu Inca", who for millennia have made offerings and ceremonies "Ayllu Despacho" to thank Mother Earth "Pachamama", the Spirits of the Mountains "Apus" and the Spirits of the Lagunas "Ñustas", for all the benefits and abundance that they offer us through their fruits. These ceremonies also cultivate an mutual relationship of respect and of exchange with the spiritual world of nature.

To carry out this communication with the spirits of nature and the cosmos, the “Q'eros” priests perform an “Ayllu Despacho” which is the maximum offering to feed the “Apus” and the “Pachamama”. In their ritual fabrics with sacred geometry "Misa" they place a variety of elements of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdom to form a ritual banquet of food, drink, gifts, flowers and auspicious symbols. The offering must be beautiful, harmonious and colorful like a Mandala. The strength of the "Ayllu Despacho" depends on the officiant’s ability to invoke these powers. Anyone can do them, but not everyone is successful.

The offering "Ayllu Despacho" is made with an intention: a request for health, prosperity, blessing, liberation from energy ties, attracting a new relationship, opening a business, buying a house, or as an empowerment that enhances our connection with a certain form of living energy in nature.

The "Ayllu Despacho" is an exchange of energies in the universe. It is a payment of giving and receiving - a cosmic reciprocity "Ayni". If we offer it with love, beauty and authenticity, we will receive the same but to a greater degree.

"Mama Quilla”, or Mother Moon, is the living and supreme force of the Sacred Andean Feminine in the celestial world "Hanan Pacha". She dominates and governs the feelings, emotions, magic, mystery rites, cycles, life processes and rebirth, death and fertility. She is the protector of the entire female universe.


In this Ceremony And Offering To Give Thanks To Mother Moon And Honor The Sacred Feminine "Mama Quilla", you will receive the strength of the mysterious, changing, poetic and powerful feminine energy of the Moon. It is a Force with deep wisdom that will allow you to tune and align your own energies with the Feminine Energy. "Mama Quilla" will help you regulate your menstrual cycles, increase your fertility and your creative ability, open the way for you to get married, and you will receive protection and maternal love from her to strengthen your self-esteem.

The “Mama Quilla” Ceremony is not only performed for women but can be performed for men. In the Andean Cosmovision the unity of a person has both dualities: feminine side and masculine side. Both are complementary and need to be in balance.

It will be necessary that you provide us with a private letter where you write all your requests for Mother Moon, as well as the information of your home, family, pets and vehicles so that they can be included in the Offering "Ayllu Despacho". After the ceremony the offering will be purified in the Holy Fire.

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