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Crystal Bracelets For Energetic Protection


Crystal Energy Protection Bracelets are more than just bracelets. They incorporate the healing power of crystals to naturally cleanse, clear and purify the energy in your body, keeping you more balanced throughout your day.

Because the stones in the bracelets absorb and store energy, it is important to clean and activate them from time to time. This simple step will help create even more meaning between you and your crystal bracelet.​

Protection Bracelet


The Protection Bracelet is made with a powerful trio of stones, including Black Tourmaline, Goldensheen Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli, that work together to protect you from negative, heavy or low energy vibrations.

  • Black Tourmaline helps with both protection and the removal of lower vibrational energy. It puts an energetic barrier around you to absorb and protect you from unwanted negative energy.

  • Goldensheen Obsidian acts as a protective shield by deflecting and repelling negative energy. The healing properties of Goldensheen Obsidian also help protect your spirit, this stone is known as the "energy watchdog" as it has your back.

  • Lapis Lazuli contains an energy that provides protection against psychic attacks and energy vampires. Many Buddhists believe that its healing properties help free the mind of negative thoughts and energies. The calming energy of this stone shields your spirit from penetrating forces so that you can maintain a sense of calm and serenity.

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Negativity Bracelet


The Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet helps to protect us from negativity and to keep us vigilant to feel when negativity creeps in.


  • Tourmaline Quartz is one of the most powerful stones in the mineral kingdom to protect your energy from the damaging and draining effects of toxic thoughts. Whenever dark energy permeates your thoughts, use the energy of the Tourmaline stone to turn them into Light.

  • Clear Quartz will remind you to be cautious and careful with your way of thinking, allowing you to eliminate all thoughts that do not serve you and your spiritual goals.

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Detox Bracelet


The Detox Bracelet can neutralize electromagnetic frequency effects that may be emitted by your electronic devices and may affect your health.


  • Shungite helps you spiritually detox from all the electronic smog. Neutralize both sides of the body to bring balance. Shungite offers the best defense against electromagnetic fields emitted by technological devices.

  • Clear Quartz brings balance to the detoxifying energy of Shungite. Once Shungite has cleared your energy field, Clear Quartz purifies and revitalizes your system so energy can flow smoothly.

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