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Crystals To Protect The Entrance Of Your Home


The entrance of your house can accumulate all kinds of energy, since it forms a barrier between the interior of your home and the outside world. To ensure that your entrance and the interior of your home remain energetically safe and secure, it is important to protect this area.

This powerful combination of protection crystals are an energetic shield that help clear space and block negative or low vibrational energy from entering your home and personal environment. These protection crystals can be used whenever you feel your home needs an extra shield of protective energy.

The package includes: A Hanger To Protect You From The Evil Eye, a Selenite Crystal Angel and two pieces of Black Obsidian. All crystals may vary slightly in shape, size, color and design as they are all natural and come from Mother Earth.

  • Black Obsidian duo brings security and provides protection. Placing them on either side of the entrance of your space stops all unwanted energy at the door. 

  • Hanger To Protect You From The Evil Eye wards off any unwanted energy that’s directed towards you or your home. 

  • The Selenite Angel figurine brings light, protection and positivity into your space. It also invites angels and the divine realm into your home to build you up and help you feel supported.

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