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Energetic Cleansing And Blessing Of Animals


Animals are very sensitive beings can perceive and feel all the emotions of their owners and the people who care for them. They are able to connect energetically, that is, they can absorb like a sponge all kinds of heavy and negative energies that are in the place where they live.

Some animals want to protect us so much that they are capable of taking negative spirits into themselves. This can lead them to become physically ill or to have emotional imbalances such as nervousness, anxiety, sadness or prolonged depression-conditions that can cause them to die prematurely.

The healings we offer are for all types of domestic pets, cats, birds and dogs. We also clean farm animals, horses, cows, calves, etc.

Our work focuses on eliminating negative energies or spirits that are attached to animals, and giving support when they are recovering from an illness or when they need to be in a better physical condition.

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