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Fertility, Pregnancy And Postpartum Healing


Emotional, psychological and spiritual support is very important for all women during the different stages of pregnancy from before conception to after childbirth.

Before conception, it is important to clean all female organs in women so that they are free of negative energies, and so future babies do not experience fears, traumas, anguishes and all forms of heavy energy that affect the mother during pregnancy.

Healing during pregnancy will help the baby to be calmer and more peaceful, during the entire duration of pregnancy. And after delivery, it is very important that the mother be taken care of as she will be energetically weak and this could affect her health.

We offer different kinds of healing to give this support to all women anywhere in the world via telephone or video phone and in person.

For women who wish to get pregnant, we offer a spiritual and energetic healing that will cleanse your womb and your female organs. In the same way that a bird builds its nest so that its young is born and develops in a safe and cozy place, this healing will provide the necessary heat to your uterus so that it is physically ready for the future baby. We will also eliminate the emotional and energetic blockages in your person, such as fear, anxiety, anxiety and worry that make pregnancy difficult or impossible.

For women throughout their pregnancy, the healing sessions will help you keep your uterus clean, as well as give you greater peace and emotional tranquility as they will remove much of the mental, emotional and physical tiredness you experience.

This is very important because babies begin to experience the emotions and physical and hormonal changes of their mothers, as well as their fears, traumas and addictions, from the beginning of pregnancy. This can lead to various negative behaviors in the new baby that they continue throughout their childhood and adult life.

When the baby is in a bad position inside the uterus, the healing session will help to move the baby to the correct position within the mother's womb. This healing will protect the baby and decrease back pain in the mother.

After childbirth, it is very important to clean the uterus again because the energetic material left by the baby can cause physical problems or diseases in the woman's sexual organs that can affect future pregnancies or her sexual health. It is also of great benefit to perform a pelvic closure, because the hormones released during pregnancy increase loosening of the pelvic ligaments and this leads to a lot of back pain.


For postpartum depression. In the case of postpartum depression, feelings of sadness and anxiety can be extreme and can even affect a woman's ability to take care of herself or her family. Postpartum depression does not have a single cause, but can be the result of a combination of spiritual, physical and emotional factors. After giving birth, hormone levels in women drop rapidly. This generates chemical changes in the brain that can cause changes in mood. In addition, many women cannot rest as much as they should to be able to fully recover from childbirth. The constant lack of sleep can generate physical discomfort and exhaustion, factors that can contribute to the symptoms of postpartum depression. The healing we offer for postpartum depression helps to rebalance hormones, heal emotional imbalances, remove anxiety and physical exhaustion, and it help to restore balance and healthy sleeping patterns so you can take care of your baby and yourself.

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