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First Spiritual Initiation "Munay Karpay" Of The Sacred Path Of The Inca Healer "Paqo-Ñusta Pampamesayoq"


There is no animal that possesses as much strength and endurance as the horse. However, every horse, no matter how strong and beautiful it may be, needs training to stop being wild and develop its full potential. Otherwise it will always be moving from one place to another aimlessly.

The Spiritual Initiation or "Karpay" is the fundamental Initiation ritual in the Andean Spiritual Path. It is an advanced and intense initiation that works as a great accelerator of gifts, faculties and experiences for the vision, healing and the spiritual path of the initiate.

The "Karpays" are empowering practices in which through a transmission of energy by a shaman master or an Andean priest, the connection that a person experiences with a certain form of living energy of nature is enhanced, thus being able to handle it as part of oneself, and to put it to one's own benefit and that of others, thereby nourishing and cultivating the life force of the universe.

In the Andean Cosmovision, these divine or supernatural beings with whom the initiate seeks to communicate are called "Apus" and "Ñustas", they are forms of living energy that manifest as mountains, rivers, lakes and lagoons. They are guardians of land and life, and since the beginning of the world they have shared their powers and knowledge with men and women.

The "Apus" or Sacred Mountains are doors through which the Earth communicates with Heaven, and they also function as antennas that feed a land of cosmic and celestial energies, being then the main means of communication with the higher spiritual dimensions for everyone who lives in this land.

The female counterpart of the "Apus" are called "Ñustas" princesses of nature. They are the living aspect of the earth, of the waters, rivers, fountains and lagoons. The "Ñustas" are the forces that make the vital flow of energy grow and mature in nature.

If the “Apus” are the ones that connect and align our Spirit, the “Ñustas” are the ones that feed it and make it flourish, they are the healing forces that have taught the Andean priests and “Paqos” healers to practice ancestral healing through living energy.

Following the Sacred Path of the Inca Healer "Paqo Pampamesayoq" and the Teachings of the Ancestral Q'ero Medicine, it is necessary to receive three Initiations or "Karpations" to be a strong male healer "Inca Paqo" or a strong female healer "Inca Paqo Ñusta".

The Andean priest or the shaman teacher will activate, connect and integrate in the initiate three centers that are in our body, whose names in the quechua language are: "Munay", "Yachay" and "Llankay".

"Munay" is the force of love, power and will and is connected to our physical heart. "Yachay" is the force of knowledge, it is the center that is connected to the head. "Llankay" is the force of action and work, it is the center that is connected to the belly.

The integration of these three centers "Munay", "Yachay" and "Llankay", will transform the initiate into an intermediary or human bridge “Chakaruna” for people and the manifest and unknown forces of Mother Earth.

In each Spiritual Initiation of the Sacred Path of the Inca Healer "Paqo-Ñusta Pampamesayoq" you will receive:

  • The power of the empowered word "Rimay", to invoke the energy and gifts of the Sacred Mountains "Apus" and Mother Earth "Pachamama". Each mountain and each lagoon has a personality, a distinctive vibration and a unique gift that the initiate will be able to sense and use. This ability to invoke the Spirits of Nature will develop stronger and stronger in each Initiation "Karpay" that the initiate receives.

  • The opening of the seven eyes or energy centers "Ñahuis" to see beyond reason.

  • The integration of the "Munay”, which is the force of love and is connected to our heart, the "Yachay" which is the force of knowledge and is connected to the head, and the "Llankay”, which is the force of work and that is connected to the belly.

  • The possibility to cultivate a relationship of respect and of ritual exchange with the "Los Abuelos Apus" and Las Abuelas "Ñustas”, who for the Andean world are beings that have life and character.

  • The ability to cultivate the Inca seed "Inca Muju", to maintain a life in the law of universal reciprocity "Ayni”, and to achieve spiritual awakening in his life path "Qhapaq Ñan".

  • The ability to heal, understand and balance the "Poqpo" energy bubble in oneself and in people who request it. And thus achieve the highest degrees of refinement of energy "Sami".

  • It will make you a "Paqo Pampamesayoq" healer who masters the rites that allow communication between the 3 worlds: "Hanan Pacha" world above, "Kay Pacha" world of the here and now, "Ucju Pacha" world below and within.

  • And finally, the initiate will become a Light for the whole world and "Guardian Of The Earth And Ocean Spirits"


First Initiation: Opening The Heart "Munay Karpay"


Following the ancestral rituals of the Andean Priests, we will call the most important Sacred Spirits of nature and begin the opening of the Great Love "Munay", which is the piece that can free us from selfishness and give us greater compassion for everything that lives and dies in the Universe. This is the first important step in preparing for and becoming a strong male healer "Inca Paqo" or a strong female healer "Inca Paqo Ñusta".


Our Heart is the most powerful energy center. It is our instrument to continue being humble and to help all our brothers and sisters with patience and joy in what is still confusing and frightening to them. Only when your heart is open will there be a foundation to continue the following Initiations of "Yachay" and "Llankay".


These Initiations are not just for spiritual and energetic healers. They are open to all in the healing arts, such as doctors, therapists, healers and psychologists, and anyone who wishes to undertake a deep process of personal and spiritual healing of their own.

The initiate can only take one "Karpay" each year, since after this transmission of high energy intensity, a time of assimilation, absorption and digestion of it is required. It is about building the foundations of your own spiritual path and patience is one of the most important pillars.

We recommend that you also take the Transmissions And Empowerments to strengthen your Spiritual Path.

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