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Spiritual And Energetic Cleansing For Technology Overuse


Most of us use our mobile phones and computers much more than is healthy. Without realizing it our physical and energetic body absorbs a lot of negative and heavy electromagnetic energy from the websites we visit.

This excess of electromagnetic energy causes our energy field to weaken and as a result we are more vulnerable to become physically ill or acquire all kinds of heaviness and darkness that can cause us emotional imbalances such as depression, anxiety, worry, mental confusion, headaches, migraines, physical exhaustion, among others.

In extreme cases, accessing very dark websites can open energetic portals in our homes, making it accessible for all types of negative spirits to enter and stay in our home, causing obsessive and violent behaviors as well as all types of unhealthy addictions for people living there.

This healing helps eliminate negative electromagnetic energy in our energy field, cuts all kinds of energy cords that we form with other users with whom we communicate online, and clears the manipulative energy we receive from news, books, blogs and social networks.

Computers, tablets and mobile phones will also be cleaned to eliminate the heavy energies they may have from the continued use we give them.

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