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Spiritual Healing For Reconciliation


This event will be broadcast online on Wednesday April 12th at 8pm ET - 5pm PT

Without Reconciliation we can spend a lot of time in a no man’s land of strife and disappointment. We reconcile ourselves to many things in life without realizing it: trivial things that go wrong at home or at work, or that push us into difficult places. However, coming to terms with the things we cannot change - loss, death, changes in fortune - is an essential stage of learning in our life's journey.

That is why Reconciliation stands as a restorative force, a healing presence that offers us the perspective to understand the true nature of our grievances and the power to repair them.

In this healing we will invite the Spirit of Reconciliation to heal those who have drifted apart, from tribe to tribe, person to person, nation to nation. It will seek out those who are estranged and restore the balance that had been lost.

To all of us who feel crushed under the weight of dissolution and separation, it will offer us the opportunity to restore broken ties. It will also bring the means to correct old mistakes and grievances, so that through the process of reconciliation we can become stronger.

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