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Spiritual Healing To Break Witchcraft, Spells And Curses


The belief in witchcraft is common in many cultures around the world and its practices vary significantly from one culture to another. In Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, the following are practiced: Haitian voodoo, Cuban santeria and candomblé, Brazilian umbanda and black magic.

The sorcerer or witch is that person who performs acts of magic or sorcery to dominate the will of people or modify events to cause a harmful or evil influence on people or their destiny. It generally involves enchantments, love spells, curses, hexes, spells, and divination.

For centuries, many people have used the Cross of Saint Benedict to protect themselves against evil, that is why during this healing we will invoke the Intercession of the Cross of Saint Benedict to break any witchcraft, spell and curse that any witch or witch has placed intentionally on the person, family, home, business, or any other property, to do physical, emotional and spiritual harm.


A variety of powers are attributed to the Cross of San Benito. The main and most significant is that of keeping away the devil and his temptations. It is often used to ward off evil spirits and defeat fear. It is used by exorcist priests. It acts as a shield against evil, as long as one behaves with faith and devotion.

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