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We are Lili La Curandera de Oaxaca and Robin Thompson and we offer you Spiritual and Energetic Healing in Boulder County, in the metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado and anywhere in the world via photo or video call.

If you want a healing or have any questions, call +1 914 305-7419 or contact us here


Spiritual And Energetic Healing Via Video Call

Many people who turn to us want Spiritual And Energetic Healing because they have frequently exhibited in their daily lives some or all of the behaviors, which I will describe. Most have turned to doctors and have sought different natural healing alternatives without any success or lasting relief.

  • They have experienced deep sadness 

  • Have become violent and aggressive with those who are close to them

  • They do not like to live with other people, they want to be alone and in an asylum

  • They do not like themselves, 


Distant Healing Performed Using A Photo

For those who do not trust Healings Via Photo, we can assure you that they are just as effective as a Healing In-Person. When someone wants to do witchcraft or any other negative harm to you, he doesn't go to your house and say: hey, please come because I want to take you to the witch doctor so they can do you harm”. That doesn't happen!

The Distant Healings that we offer are generally for your friends, relatives or loved ones who are not willing to ask for help for themselves and who you want to help.


Spiritual And Energetic House, Business And Land Cleansing

When we perform a Spiritual And Energy Cleansing of the houses, lands or offices, we ask God and Blessed Beings to help us sweep, pull and lift all negative and stagnant energies, all witchcraft, spells, curses, all the dark forces and lost spirits which are hidden in the four corners of the property.


We ask Mother Earth's assistance to restore the energetic and magnetic gridlines of of the land, once this is completed, your property will be in a new Field of Energy that will flow harmoniously, without being negatively affected by neighboring properties

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Spiritual Healing To Break Witchcraft, Spells And Curses​

The belief in witchcraft is common in many cultures around the world and its practices vary significantly from one culture to another. In Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, the following are practiced: Haitian voodoo, Cuban santeria and candomblé, Brazilian umbanda and black magic.

The sorcerer or witch is that person who performs acts of magic or sorcery to dominate the will of people or modify events to cause a harmful or evil influence on people or their destiny. It generally involves enchantments, love spells, curses, hexes, spells, and divination.


Spiritual Healing And Emotional Cleansing Of Childhood Traumas

Growing emotionally is the only natural way to solve our physical and mental imbalances, however it is one of the most difficult achievements in this world, because we rarely find support, much less understanding, in the people around us.


Unless we return to our infantile emotional self and bring forgiveness and peace to the child within us and who had to die in order to become acceptable as an adult, we cannot heal the wounds of unpleasant and traumatic experiences we lived in the first years of our childhood.


Spiritual And Energetic Cleansing Of The Blood From Overmedication

For all those who have had to ingest large amounts of medication during a period of illness and for those who wish to reduce or stop taking drugs or drugs with a high degree of toxicity, we offer a series of healings that purify the bloodstream and cellular system of toxic material produced by overmedication.


In particular, people who receive treatment for chronic pain and people who have received chemotherapy are at greater risk of being exposed to very high levels of toxicity and consequently suffer from a series of side effects that affect their body and emotional, physical, energetic and psychological states.


"Limpia" With Medicinal Herbal Alcohol To Purify Your Physical And Emotional Body

This healing with medicinal herbs is a very old practice, which occupies a prominent place in the traditional medicine of the Mesoamerican peoples. They are the so-called “limpias" or “cleansing".


During this ritual, the person is "cleansed" energetically, freeing them from mental blocks, emotional trauma, negative behavior patterns, and physical pain, using for this purpose various types of medicinal herbs such as rue, basil, peppermint, and rosemary, that combined with alcohol are used for rubs or scrubs on the physical body of the person.


Fertility, Pregnancy And Postpartum Healing

Emotional, psychological and spiritual support is very important for all women during the different stages of pregnancy from before conception to after childbirth.


Before conception, it is important to clean all female organs in women so that they are free of negative energies, and so future babies do not experience fears, traumas, anguishes and all forms of heavy energy that affect the mother during pregnancy.


Spiritual And Energetic Cleansing For Technology Overuse

Most of us use our mobile phones and computers much more than is healthy. Without realizing it our physical and energetic body absorbs a lot of negative and heavy electromagnetic energy from the websites we visit.

This excess of electromagnetic energy causes our energy field to weaken and as a result we are more vulnerable to become physically ill or acquire all kinds of heaviness and darkness that can cause us emotional imbalances such as depression, anxiety, worry, mental confusion, headaches, migraines, physical exhaustion, among others.


Energetic Cleansing And Blessing Of Animals

Animals are very sensitive beings can perceive and feel all the emotions of their owners and the people who care for them. They are able to connect energetically, that is, they can absorb like a sponge all kinds of heavy and negative energies that are in the place where they live.

Some animals want to protect us so much that they are capable of taking negative spirits into themselves. This can lead them to become physically ill or to have emotional imbalances such as nervousness, anxiety, sadness or prolonged depression-conditions that can cause them to die prematurely.


Energetic Cleansing And Blessing Of Crystals, Jewelry And Antiques

Crystals increase the intensity of energy around them. If the energy around them is positive they will strengthen that energy. If the energy around them is negative, the energy of the space they are in will feel heavier and denser. Energetic cleansing of crystals eliminates the negative and heavy energy that they have absorbed from their birth until the present time.

Similarly, jewelry and antiques also absorb many heavy and dense energies. After some time, they can still look beautiful on the outside, but they can be energetically saturated with negativity. And people who carry them or are close to them can begin to present physical or emotional discomforts such as dizziness, headaches, moodiness, annoyance, or anger.


Energetic Cleansing And Blessing Of Vehicles

All large or small vehicles accumulate dense and heavy energies because their owners or the people who drive them release their own energies inside them. While we are driving any car, whether public or private, the emotions, both positive and negative, that we experience are recorded inside the vehicle.

The heaviest energy vehicles are public or commercial transport including buses, trucks, ubers, taxis and trailers. They absorb a lot of negative energy because they are used by many people all the time.


3 Days Of Purification After A Spiritual And Energetic Healing

After you receive a healing at a distance, via video call or in person, you are going to go into a purification process for approximately three days. Please read these instructions that will help you understand what happens after receiving a healing. 

The detox is  like you have a dead dog in your house for a long time, now the dog is gone but it takes time for the odor and other impacts to pass out and heal .

  • The first thing you have to do is to thank God and the Blessed Beings for all their help. Faith, Patience, and Prayer are very important practices that you should start implementing in your daily life.

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